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How to Receive your NFT from the GFA NFT Marketplace 

If you have been asked by the GFA community to provide your UptickProject IRIS wallet address to receive your NFT - and you are not sure what that means - here are the steps:

Download the Uptick App (Android, or Test Flight for iPhone)

This NFT platform is currently only on mobile apps - you can get it at

Use GFA’s invite code for points: 43bb9184

Setup your Account

Once it is setup - Choose a username and password


This is like “bitcoin” (all blockchains have a private key for your wallet / account)

Save this SECURE - if you lose this - or if you share this to someone else - that person can login as you and take your NFT / coins.

Send your wallet address to a GFA community rep

Once your account is made - go to “wallet” and then copy your wallet address

Send that to us and we can transfer you

a) the NFT you are entitled to
b) we can also send you some free coin so you can mint your own NFT there or do other actions.

Use this NFT to either hold (and receive exclusive benefits) such as event tickets in the future, or additional NFTs in the future. By having an NFT, it is truly yours, and we at the GFA community can always support and thank those who are currently holding the NFT. If you sell or transfer to someone else, that person will be the one who enjoys any future benefits at the time those benefits are put into place.

Check out our NFT workshop for more details and insights

At the workshop we will show you how we did it. and how you can do it too!

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